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Sherlock Holmes is a name that most people around the world know. Of course, most people probably haven’t read this character’s book, but he has been portrayed many times on television and the big screen. He is one of the most famous detectives in England, and Dr. Watson has an accomplice. Holmes is known for his deductive prowess and for playing the violin, helping him to focus his mind while putting the pieces of a mystery together.

These are all fairly common knowledge. So after hearing that new versions are being made with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, It updated them in the 21st century and kept all of its histories as we know it. Surprisingly, the film surprised and changed the way we heard the name Sherlock Holmes forever.


When most of us hear the name Sherlock Holmes, we will immediately think of the appropriate Englishman. He always is well dressed to impress. His manners are beyond reproach. When you hear him play the violin, you will be close to that of a virtuoso. His friendship with Dr. Watson will be close to that of the twin brothers. He fought with his words, never with fists. Throw away all of these images. With new thinking about this classic character, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes is the exact opposite of everything you thought he would be.

This Holmes is derived from his work and the cases in which he is involved. When this is not the case, he lacks concentration, and his mind is looking for something to help fill the constant need for knowledge. He doesn’t play the violin, but only plucks at right and has all the musical experience to make him a true prodigy. His speech is nothing less than an Oxford academic, but his dress and cleanliness leave something to be desired. His fighting and boxing skills make him a formidable opponent. But they all work perfectly because he is the best detective he has ever lived. No detail goes unnoticed.

Holmes’s greatest asset is his partner, Dr. Watson. He is the yin to Holmes’ yang; black is his white, two halves of the same whole.

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