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Throughout history, humanity has seen itself weakly. Standing as judge and jury on your situation and set of circumstances. You have seen your life and your evolution from a place of lack, limitation, guilt and shame. Never before in the written history of mankind have you had the opportunity that occurs now on planet Earth. You live the opportunity to see yourself and to see yourself as we in the non-physical world see you. We see you through the eyes of a loving and accepting father, mother, sister and brother. We see you as someone who has stumbled, fallen, but always has, without fail, continued to rise from the ashes.

We have stood in wonder and awe at some of the physical tragedies that happened to you, but without fail, you continued to strive to return to the Light. The Light of the One who created you and loved you. The Creator, Strength, well-being, wholeness, and truth.


We see you as what is you — a glowing ball, radiant and dazzling magnificence. We see you as a one-way shower, a truth revealer, a pathfinder. You have carried the torch and the staff since the beginning of humanity. You have always reached upward. You continued, even if the path was sometimes dark and obscure. Now is the time for you to recognize that you have still and always had a return ticket to “home” in your hand. The arms of love have always been stretched; arms that loved you enough to waver and fall, arms that patiently waited knowing that one day your heart, your mind, your greatest desire, would bring you home. The arms are still waiting to support you and support you, a voice whispering softly that you are never alone.

This moment is now. The wind of change has come. The time has come for you to recognize that you are on the return path homeward.

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