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The human body contains the muscles and skeleton. In which the skeleton of the human body helps for movement. Obviously, the bone in the human body is the most severe form of connective tissue. Cells which form the bones are called osteocytes. The bones are connected with each other by multiple joints associated with each bone.

There are a huge number of joint that helps the movement of our body as a “Socket Joints.” These joints allow us to move in a different directions. These joints contain the head of a long bone, such as the hip or shoulder, which is very similar to the ball. The joints of the hips and shoulders are a perfect example to describe the socket joints.


There is another type of joint in our body, which is called the “Hinge Joints” with which you can move in both directions. Human elbow and knee joints are the best example to describe the joints. Another very important with respect to the joints is a “Pivot Joint”. This collaboration allows our body to make a rotational movement. We could easily make it feel while turning the palm of our hands on its head.

“Sliding Joint” is an another kind of joint that slides over the bones, joints like wrists and ankles can move in different directions. There also remains a “Gliding Joint”, which makes it easy movement back and forth manner and many other compounds with prevailing in the human skeleton.

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