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Skunks are mammals that can be easily recognized by their black and white fur. There are 10 species of skunks, and almost all of them live in North and Central America. They can live under the open sky, bush, forest and urban areas. Skunks are not included in the list of endangered species.

The most common and recognized skunk species in North American is a striped skunk, which ranges from the southern half of the most northern parts of Mexico, Canada, covering most of the United States continental.

Skunks are omnivores, they eat plants and animals. They love to eat fruits, insects, worms, reptiles and rodents.


Skunks are extremely flexible and can grow in many different habitats as long as food and shelter are available. Since they rarely travel more than two miles from their assigned dens, skunk usually located within two miles from the water source.

Skunks can shoot their sulfur smelling defense mechanism up to 10 feet from their anal glands. In addition to the bad smell, which lasts for a few days (or even weeks), the spray is very annoying and can cause temporary blindness.

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