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The slip knot is a stopper knot that may be undone simply by tugging the tail (working end). When the standing end is pushed, the slip knot releases, similar to the running knot.

Both knots are made up of a slipped overhand knot with a bight that allows the knot to be freed by tugging on one end; the working end in the case of a slip knot and the standing end in the case of a running knot. Crochet and knitting both employ the slip knot as a starting point.


The slip knot is quite similar to the overhand knot, with the only variation being how the end is treated. The end of the former is doubled before being tucked. To untie, simply tug on the end of the rope smartly, which will release the loop and cause the knot to spill instantaneously.

A slip knot may be done just as easily in the bight as at the end, but the weight must be applied solely to the standing section of the knot. It’s employed in situations where you need to cast off quickly.

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