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Sloths are medium-sized mammals that come in two and three-toed varieties. These mammals live in the trees almost all their entire life and relate to anteaters. You will notice similarities between the two, if you look at their fingernails, although their anteaters used for diggings, sloths use them to hang on the branches.

As a rule, sloths eat buds, leaves and tender shoots of various plants. They are a bit slow in their movements, hence the name “sloth” which, as you know, is the biblical deadly sin of laziness. Both types of sloths are common in Central and South American jungle.


Sloth is so sluggish that the body and the skin often act as host for a wide variety of symbiotic algae, beetles and butterflies. Algae often gives laziness green appearance and actually acts as a camouflage.

Three-toed sloth can turn its head almost 360 degrees, and their mouth has a smiling shape, as a form. This is somewhat goofy smile expression that endears this to many animal lovers.

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