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Sound is a mechanical wave. Wave physics helps explain the process by which sound is produced, travelled, and reproduced. Sound is a wave created by vibrating objects. It goes through the environment from one point A to another point B.

As with all types of waves, the specific behaviour, properties and characteristics refer to sound waves.

A sound wave brings a disturbance (vibration) from one point to another. For the most part, the medium through which it passes is air, although sound waves can just as quickly propagate through water or metallic materials.

Waves can be measured in different ways: from their amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed, and sometimes their phases.

Amplitude is a metric method associated with hearing and usually grouped by intensity, loudness, and (or) volume.

The wavelength is easy enough to detect, just notice that at the full wavelength the distance it breaks goes through the middle at full wavelength.


After each wave cycle, the wave will repeat its pattern. For this reason, the wavelength is sometimes called the length of the repeating structure or the length of the full cycle.

A sound wave is not a transverse wave with crests and troughs, but a longitudinal wave with compression and rarefactions. These sections of high and low pressure, known as compressions and discharges, respectively, are detected as a result of the vibration of the sound source.

Sound waves can be measured according to several different paradigms: amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed, and sometimes phase. Each of these functions is associated with certain characteristics, such as loudness and amplitude of sound; dilution and frequency compression; wavelength; and elasticity and momentum with speed.

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