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Soup is a liquid food prepared by cooking meat or vegetables in water, then spice and sometimes thickening the liquid that is produced. In many communities around the world they have their own recipes for simple soups. These soups can be used for consumption only for the purpose of healing during illness or just as part of a dish.

Soup is usually divided into three main groups, it is either sweet, spicy or savory. Soups smell and fragrance are the main ingredients that determine the quality of soup. Conventional soups can be described as types of foods containing a combination of ingredients, such as vegetables, herbs and juices, stock, water or any other form of liquid, depending on personal preferences.


Simple soups are characterized by boiling the ingredients in a liquid for the sole purpose of collecting flavor and nutrients. The most nutritious soup is broth soup. From both types of soups they are divided into thick soups and light soups. The soup thickens depending on the types of ingredients that have been used.

Cream, eggs and oil are used to thicken the veloutes type, and vegetable soups, known as mashed potatoes, are thickened using starch. There can be no clear distinction between soups and stew; in fact, many people can not distinguish between them. The main difference between simple soups with stew is that the soups contain more liquid than stew.

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