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space heater is a heating device that is used to heat a small to medium-sized area.

The heating element is surrounded by oil or water in convective heaters without a fan. Because the liquid must be heated before the heat can reach the surrounding air, these heaters warm a space more slowly. However, due of the heated liquid within the heater, they emit additional heat after being shut off. Oil-filled heaters have a lower danger of fire (and burns) than heaters with fans, but certain fan-assisted heaters have a lower risk of fire (and burns) than other oil-filled heaters.


Tungsten filaments in sealed quartz envelopes are positioned in front of a metal reflector in a plastic housing in halogen heaters. They radiate largely in the infrared spectrum and operate at a higher temperature than nichrome-wire heaters but not as high as incandescent light bulbs. They can convert up to 86 percent of their input power into radiant energy, with the rest being lost to conductive and convective heat.

Underwriters Laboratories’ UL 1278 (for portable electric space heaters) and UL 1042 (for portable and permanent baseboard electric heaters) standards verify heater safety in the United States. Although the General Services Administration had Specification W-H-193 for electric space heaters, the UL standards replaced it in 1995. The Energy Efficiency webpage of the Department of Energy has further information about portable-heater safety.

Several space heaters have been assessed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, but none have gained the Energy Star badge.

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