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Sparrows are a group of small birds, which are found in forests and across farmland around the world. Today, it is believed to be in 140 different species of sparrows spread across almost every continent.

Historically, the true sparrows are found throughout Europe and parts of Asia and North Africa. Nevertheless, human tourists who rest in other continents, including Australia and the United States introduced the sparrows in the fields, where they are now considered part of the native wildlife.


Sparrows usually are small birds that can be easily identified by their smooth, rounded heads. Sparrows range in size of brown found in Africa, which is a little over 10 cm in height, parrot beak sparrow (as in Africa), which grows more than eighteen centimeters.

Sparrows are omnivorous birds, which feed mainly on seeds and replace their diet with fruit, berries and small insects. Some sparrow also adapted to life in the city, as the seagulls and pigeons, these chubby little birds have been known to eat almost anything they can find.

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