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Known for its unique physical appearances, starfish is one of the most electrifying underwater inhabitants. They are known as sea stars. Despite the fact that they are inhabitants of the ocean, they are not just fish. In addition to its unique physical structure that distinguishes them from the normal fish, the star does not have backbones, which means that they are invertebrates. Because of their hard surfaces, predators such as otters, birds and other species of fish that do not follow the starfish, as well as their food sources.

According to marine biologists, there are more than 2,000 species of sea stars. Starfish are commonly found in various types of marine life such as coral reefs, rocky shores, sea grass and kelp beds. Some of them even found thousands of feet below the sand.


While description of the physical appearance, the number of sea stars ranges from one to ten inches each. Nevertheless, Starfish may be less than half an inch, and the largest may be more than three feet in size. You can see the sea stars in various colors, including red, brown, pink and orange.

Starfish can have five or more arms that occur arising from their bodies. The lower surfaces are covered with their suckers which act as an pinchers. With the help of tubular organs, starfish can slowly crawl on the ocean floor. They may extend them by pumping sea water into the tubes.

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