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As time goes on, there have been many changes in the need and importance of certain things in the automotive world. Some have gained a lot of importance, like technology and lighting, as they have seen many improvements. Although there are others like the steering and the interior of the car, where there is a lot of range, let’s understand how the steering in the car has a special place for people who master driving.

What is Steering Wheel?

Steering wheels are the most imperative part of all modern land vehicles, including automobiles as well as heavy and light trucks. It’s a part of the steering system that a driver can manipulate according to his ease, and the rest of the steering system will respond to these changes. Such control can be achieved by a direct mechanical connection such as rack and pinion steering gears with and without the help of hydraulic power steering (HPS). Most cars today are equipped with computer-controlled engines. Such steering can be better called electric power steering.

What Are The Different Types of Steering Systems?

There are mainly different types of steering systems that turn us around these days. These include:


Rack and pinion steering: This is the most commonly used steering in small trucks, cars, and SUVs. There is a connection between the pinion and the end of the steering rod which turns when the steering is turned. There are a rack and a notched bar that moves when the pinion rotates. Tie rods are attached to the rack, which is then connected to the steering arm of the spindle of each wheel. Turning the steering when cornering turns the wheels.

Ball re-circulation steering: They are mainly used on certain SUVs and trucks. There is a connection between the end of the steering rod and the threaded rod, which is inserted into a threaded metal block, which rotates by turning the steering wheel. This metal block with threads transfers this rotation to the pitman’s arm to attach the rods and track rods, which in turn rotate the wheels. There are ball bearings between the teeth of the block, which recirculate through the gear when it rotates.

Power steering: A special hydraulic fluid is used in the gears which transform the rotation of the steering wheel into the appropriate rotation of the vehicle wheels. It is through this fluid that makes the turn easy.

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