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Stress is becoming better known as a performance dampener for individuals. However, there is still little understanding of how all are pervading the stress problem is in the workplace; its impact on the organizational performance and what causes it.

The inconvenient fact is that stress is endemic in the organizational life. Whenever we see employees disengagement, many mistakes, a chronic level of customer service, low productivity, widespread waste, poor management decisions and unwilling leadership, you can be sure that stress is the underlying causal factor. Stress behavior and stress thinking are the main reasons why so many organizations do not work nearly as well as possible and why far too many of them fail.

In management, all personal qualities such as enthusiasm, enterprise, happiness, curiosity, group loyalty, creative problem solving, teamwork, concentration and intuitive thinking are inherent to everyone we employ. But, only when they are in a natural “brain state”.

These valuable human attributes all include basic survival mechanisms that are unique to everyone. The important fact, however, is that these superior qualities are usually only available when stress is low. This means that the more stressful the work environment, the more these invaluable qualities can be benefit to the organization.


The possibilities and desires of very creative and productive work are already inherent in almost every employee on your payroll. As a result, all managers really have to do to dramatically improve productivity, release organizational brakes that hold people back from actually contributing to these innate qualities for general purposes to dramatically increase productivity. Remove stress and you establish a focused, energetic and enterprising work culture.

It is not necessary to motivate people, but we have to stop demotivating them.

How to Handle Stress

  • Always, DEEP BREATHES. Don’t argue, simply follow. Take deep breaths and breathe often.
  • Drink water slowly and prolong the drink. Do not gulp it all down and expect to be calm. The more time you take, the more time you get to process things.
  • Use a stress ball. These smiley faces are not a joke. They relax the tension of your muscles, which will help you to relax physically.
  • Be patient. It’s not because you are trying to break a nerve that it will happen faster than you expect! Be patient and close your eyes.
  • Be prepared, if possible. This is something that needs to be done before the event (EXAMS) that are inevitably going to happen. Be prepared in advance. Take no stress.
  • Count to 100. Count to each number down and consider it’s one point of stress leaving your body. When you returns to 0, you’ll be back to #1.
  • Know you are human. Really! There are limits to what you can and can not do. Stop biting off more than you can chew. Accept enough work and do it perfectly
  • Have a quiet moment alone. Have a drink (whatever you please) and let the negativity get out on its own.

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