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Batman originally debuted as a separate character fighting with the forces of evil. Then Robin was introduced as a side impact, and the younger Batman analogue to appeal to a younger audience. From 1947 Robin drew his own base of fans and popularity provoked his appearance as an independent superhero, Nightwing. What about Robin, that appeals the fans? And why the series Batman needs a supporting character?

Batman is a lonely and solitary figure, but later the presence of Alfred Pennyworth. Earlier in the comics, until Robin, Batman has just only to talk to. The scenes usually depict Batman thinking, rather than not to speak out which provided a rather dull script. Batman needs a partner who will compensate for his dark and brooding instinct to provide readers with a bit of carelessness. Thus, the partner of Batman with Robin prodigy was one of the best fights in the history of comic books.


The character of Robin is constantly evolving one. Viewers can watch him transform into a superhero of an orphan. Fans can identify with the “normality” Robin compared to other superheroes who have outrageous supernatural powers. Robin success that is the opposite of a static nature. Overall, Robin, is a sign that in accordance with the personality and likeability. It has a purely defensive attestable by the fact that he was already more than sixty years ago and counting.

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