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The hypodermic syringe also known as a medical syringe used to transfer liquids inside or outside the body. It consists of a hollow needle, which is attached to the tube and the plunger. When the handle is pulled back the plunger fluid is sucked into the tube. The fluid is forced out through the needle, when the handle is pressed down.

The syringe was introduced in mid-1800, and gradually improved with the development of new materials and design. Today it has become such an important medical tool, which is almost a symbol associated with the practice as a doctor.


The needle is made of steel, which is first heated up until melted and then pulled through a die designed to meet the requirements to the size of the needle. As it move along the production line, the steel further formed and rolled into a continuous hollow wire. Wire is properly cut into the needle. Some needles are much more difficult to produced directly from the die casting.

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