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In astrology, Taurus is associated with the bull, bull headed stubborn sign that will not budge until he or she is ready. Taurus astrologers Taurus connect with art, money, food and luxury. Money can be an issue in the life Taurus and Taurus is doomed to face problems and questions about finances.

Taurus lesson in life is to learn to speak and move on. Often times Taurus works in a job they do not like or do not pay well for many years. Nevertheless, they continue to put in time and energy to work or impulse or usually through inner conviction that if they just try to give him time, that eventually the seed planted will bear fruit.


What they do not realize, until enough time passes they are busy watering a seed and watch, but the seed that was planted rotten and will never bear fruit that they want. Or they wait years for the fruits of their labor, only to find the time and effort, they end up with a lemon tree and always expect sweet juicy fruits.

This does not mean that all the Taurus have or even want the money, in fact, some Taurus frustrated at a very young age, and move to the other side, feeling judgement and condemnation associated with money, they may vow to despise the desire for financial security, but it is only the reverse side of the coin. Emotional problems around money still exists.

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