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There are many types of teams. Functional team is a permanent team which is set up to carry out operational activities of a particular part of the organization, such as finance, sales, marketing, etc. There is no fixed time for functional teams as they are needed to maintain the business working at all times. The project team gathers for a discrete period of time to achieve a certain goal.

At the end of the project, team is disbanded. Project teams are often in the nature of the matrix, which employs members drawn from various functional groups to achieve the objectives of the project. When the project manager has a high prestige, is called a strong matrix; when functional managers have a strong power, this is called a weak matrix.


It is difficult if the structure is clearly defined functional hierarchy. However, the matrix environment for complete projects, adds another level of complexity. Functional “teams within teams” are still there, and everyone has a functional “home” team, but now they also belong to the “project” which has a limited life span.

Leadership is a fascinating art. The balance between doing things like enough to maximize the motivation and commitment of all of your people now and in the future. Building a team that works so well can be a challenging task for you, but being a team leader will give you more experience and enhance your skills in your field which also makes you a good team leader.

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