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Teamwork is usually understood as an attempt to group of people working together to achieve a common goal. For example, we often use the phrase “he or she is a good team player.”

Teamwork is not only for the teams. For example, you can see evidence of the joint work of the committee, which is not necessarily regarded as a team. In this context, teamwork can be a random co-operation to work effectively together for periods of time. But not always!

In order to determine the work of the team that, you may want to clarify that there is, and think about the difference between the teams and teamwork. In our opinion, there is one team where individual strengths and skills combined with teamwork in the pursuit of the general direction of, or cause to produce meaningful results for the members of the team and the organization. The team combines a strong personality with overall responsibility for the implementation, it is not just about getting fit together.


Teamwork is absolutely fundamental for the team to work effectively. Only when the skills and strengths of the individual members of the team joined in a common purpose, and emphasis on collective performance will begin to see the advantages of the team at work.

Teamwork implies that people are working in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust, working together united with the good relations between the two groups. It should also encourage the increased maturity of the relationship, where people are free to disagree constructively, and where support and challenge are part of a team work assistance.

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