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Teddy Bear is a soft toy. It is usually stuffed with soft, comfortable cotton and has a soft and smooth skin and covered with forklike plush. They serve for the entertainment of children. They come in different styles and are dressed in many different clothing by people.

The original teddy bears are made with mohair fabric “fur” and a black leather shoe button eyes. In 1920, they used glass eyes. But the two glass eyes and buttons can be loaded with a light. In 1948, Wendy Boston patented screw-in eye which was made of nylon and the eye safety standard by the 1960.

Companies that use this process today have replaced the plastic disks. But the production is almost entirely by hand and is relatively expensive so far. Recently, synthetic, angora, sheep’s wool, silk, wool, rayon, combinations of fiber, nylon is used as the material. Velvet or velvet made of cotton rather than silk or synthetic is popular for its softness.


Design and manufacture of teddy bears requires practical attention in the course of the production process. It is very important that the product needs to give and receive love through the years of its life. Thus, the manufacturer must take care at every stage of production.

Teddy bears have been an integral part of the children’s toy chests, since they were invented. But in recent years the teddy bears have found in a large market among the gift givers. Now, instead of giving the flowers; You can give your friend, girlfriend, kids, sister, wife a teddy bear for almost any occasion.

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