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The term “winner” is very contextual. For example, a person who comes in 3rd place and awarded a ribbon will be called the “3rd place winner“.  Meaning, the winner is in 3rd place in the overall standings. Or the winner of the 3rd place ribbon.

You can theoretically stretch it by manipulating words, and say that the person who came in dead-last is also a winner. They are the winners in the previous position. Or a winner of highest time. Or a winner of completing the competition task (let’s say, a road race or a marathon).

The meaning of the word “victory” depends entirely on the context and only matters if it has a specific reference point and a particular goal.

With that said, when there is no direct context or reference point, it can be assumed that most people refer to the runner in the first place, of which usually only 1 when they say “the winner.”

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