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Treasure chests are items that can be found in video games such as “Donkey Kong Country Returns”, “Super Mario Galaxy”, “New Super Mario Wii”, “Super Mario Galaxy 2”, “Super Paper Mario”, “Wario Land: Shake it!” They are treasure chests that contain items for the player to collect.

Most treasure chests require an attack or something that is needed to open them. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, they are big chests with hidden objects. They appear on many levels. They require Hand Slap to open them.

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Treasure Chests are rare sights. They contain valuable items such as “Star Chips”, “Sling Stars”, “Coins”, “Star Bits”, “Launch Stars”, “1-Up Mushrooms” and “Bubbles”. In some treasure chests, the toad is inside the treasure chest.


Many treasure chests can be found underwater. To open the treasure, you need to put a green shell or a red envelope over them. In the new Super Mario Bros. Wii, treasure chests are also quite rare. The only places where they can be found are either after all the Toad Balloons are collected in the course of the Enemy Course, or the yellow Mushroom House.

Unlike other games, all players must touch the treasure chest to open it. In the yellow Mushroom House, a “Starman” is in the treasure chest. In Enemy Courses, the Frog is in the treasury. In Super Paper Mario, they contain Pixls, Badges, or Keys.

Last but not least, in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, treasure chests appear in the form of yarn Patches. Kirby must use his yarn whip to unwrap them. When unpacked, he will find a hidden piece of furniture.

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