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It will eventually happen. If you have a comment system, or a submission box, or anything that allows anonymous people to send you comments, it will happen. The more publicly visible these submissions are, the higher the likelihood of this happening.

We are talking about trolls. These rabble-rousers from the web, ne’er-do wells, jerks, and obnoxious scraps. How are we supposed to deal with it?

A Short Biology

What is an Internet Troll? Someone who likes to disagree for reasons of disagreement; someone who just likes to argue. Someone who seeks to make others upset. Those who ridicule as an end goal, who like to insult others at the slightest provocation. They are the online equivalent of the aggressive person at the bar who itches for a fight. They want to cause trouble, and they will find either the first opportunity to fan the flames or to incite them themselves.


Feeding Habits

What to do then? The right way to manage a troll requires first knowing how the trolls work. Like our aggressive friend at the tavern, what they want most in a fight. A direct confrontation. Therefore, don’t give them that.

An Internet Troll hopes to arouse some anger. They want someone to take the bait for their outrageous comments. They live for the sucker, the one who falls in love with the lure, the person arguing.

Arguing with a troll is like trying to stop a fire with gasoline—the more intense and passionate your response, the more you feel the efforts of the troll. The more you stretch the conversation, the more you will saturate the troll with the attention it needs.

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