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On their own, the words true and false can be found in the early days of English. The first appearance of the phrase true or false, however, is difficult to pin down, but a notable first example is found in the analytical philosophy texts of the Age of Enlightenment.

In his 1690 essay on human understanding, the influential English philosopher John Locke frequently used the phrase true or false in his considerations on the nature of human knowledge and cognition. For example: “For our ideas, being nothing but bare appearances or perceptions in our mind, we cannot correctly and simply say in themselves that they are true or false, any more than a single name of a thing cannot be said to be true or false.”

True or false also figures prominently in logic, where propositions are given truth values of true or false. This principle was notably adopted in Boolean algebra, which assigns a true value to 1 and a false 0, and it was essential to the development of computing in the 20th century.

The determination of whether something is true or false has been used as a test question since at least the early 1900s, requiring the candidate to determine whether a given statement is true or false to demonstrate an understanding of the content. True or false questions, quizzes, or comprehensive tests became more common in the 1950s and 1960s.


Thanks to its widespread use on school exams from elementary school to college, true or false have since spread into popular speech and writing. You can even play a quiz, true or false, with their Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

Where True and False is Used?

True or false generally describes a question or a test format in a school environment, often presented as true/false or T/F. True or false is also widely used in the study and practice of formal logic, algebra boolean, and computer programming. The rise of fake news in 2016 also saw a spike in true or false expression in popular, professional, and academic discussions of truth and fiction in online news and social media.

It’s familiarity in schools helped to spread the truth or the false like a declaration introducing or punctuating a familiar speech or popular writing. For example, we may confront a spouse whom we think is having an affair with “You are cheating on me. True or false? “This use of true or false obliges a respondent to commit to answering. True or false can also be used for a humorous effect (for example,” True or false: I just ate the last slice of pizza”, may be said as a playful confession that we actually ate).

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