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Tornadoes twister can strike without warning, although scientists are conducting research on how to accurately predict. Most of the time, the media can issue a tornado watch, but it was not until then, until a tornado touched down somewhere that the warning is issued.

Whenever your move home, find yourself a new workplace or at school, you need to find a tornado shelter near you. Some of the houses have already been built with a tornado shelter in the garden, and some of them deeply enough to stay in the cellars, where there is a tornado in the area. You need to find shelter when there is no risk of a tornado, so you have time to think clearly. If there is no shelter available, it is necessary to determine the tornado safe room, preferably in the bathroom.

In addition, you need to put a plan in case of disaster to help with tornado protection. This plan should explain to the whole family, and it is important to constantly check that your family knows what to do. There are a few dry runs, when it is safe to assign specific tasks to each person, so you know that nothing is forgotten.


You must always ensure that your insurance is up to date. It can cost a lot and can not always need it, but it can be the difference between being able to rebuild your homes and having to take out a bank loan to fix the damage. You also need to look at what insurance will cover as tornadoes also come with thunderstorms and high rainfall. If your home floods because of rain, you may need to take flood insurance, too, because the tornado insurance may not cover it.

The best way to deal with a tornado, to have a sufficient level of preparedness for tornadoes. You need to constantly watch out for any tornado watches or warnings in the news and know what to look for, to predict when the tornado hit. If you start to see green or orange clouds and a loud roar in the clouds, get prepared for a tornado warning to appear on TV and move to the shelter.

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