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An unidentified flying object (UFO) is an object observed in the sky that is not easily identifiable. Most UFOs are later identified as ordinary objects or phenomena. This term is widely used for assertions about extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Today, most people equate UFOs with extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced technologies, but this is a completely new idea. This does not mean that people in history did not report unusual things in the sky, because surely: comets, meteors, eclipses, etc., were reported (and sometimes recorded) for millennia – in fact, some researchers believe that Star of Bethlehem perhaps have been an illusion created by the merging of Jupiter and Saturn, which is associated with the birth of Jesus).


But only in the last century, someone assumed that unknown lights or objects in the sky were visitors to other planets. Several planets were noticed for millennia, but were not considered places where other living creatures could live (for example, the ancient Greeks and Romans considered planets to be gods).

Culturally, “Unidentified Flying Object” by default means “extraterrestrial space navigation”, but sometimes the term ETV (ExtraTerrial Vehicle) is used to separate an alien vehicle from an unknown earth vehicle. A typical paradox is the fact that identifying UFOs, such as flying saucers negates the “U” part of UFO, of course, since if an object is is said to be of alien origin, it can no longer be called “unidentified” … unless refers to which alien the craft belongs to.

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