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Living an unhappy lifestyle only leads to a wasted life. Life is short, so why waste a minute getting upset because you can’t control it?

Although we should all perceive our negative emotions and not neglect them, do not let your sadness linger.

If you want to live a happy life, write down what unhappy people are doing so you know what to avoid.

They seek approval from others

Unhappy people seek happiness in the wrong places. They spend time focusing on what others think of them when they should focus on themselves. The unhappy person concentrates on trying to please others in order to gain approval.

This is what we should refrain from doing. You cannot always gain approval from others, and you cannot tailor your beliefs to satisfy others. You will find only dissatisfaction with this. To be happy, you must put yourself and your beliefs first. Do what makes you happy, not what others approve will approve others.

They must control everything

Unhappy people should feel like they are in control. They want them to know every detail in order to give them complete control. They believe that with full control, they can stop any negative side effects.


But you cannot control everything. Life is uncertain and unpredictable, which means that you cannot prepare against everything. When you go into full control mode, you find that you are spending too much energy. However, in the end, everything can change, and your efforts are wasted. So do not spend all your time on every detail. Accept that you cannot control everything. Try your best, and let everything happen, happen.

They don’t take risks

Unhappy people have the habit of not taking risks. When they pass on opportunities, they often decline the invitation or find excuses not to do so. For example, a friend might ask them if they want to go-karting at the weekend. The first response of the unfortunate person will be whether they can afford it, or what a terrible go-kart looks like (how risky it is). Their own fear prevents them from taking this opportunity, thus without risking it. The problem is that the more you refuse, the worse the situation becomes.

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