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Vision is one of the most important human sensory channels. Although the visual system responds to a very narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum having a wavelength in the range from 400 to 700 nm, the loss of the system significantly limits the possibilities of adaptation to the environment. Light reflected from objects and living organisms, it gives us a lot of different types of information required to respond to a changing environment. Vision is important in many fast, reflex changes in the environment. At a more complex level, it is important to respond to facial expressions and gestures of other living organisms.


To understand the importance of vision in the behavior, we have to be concerned that the visual system can and can not do. The visual system enables a very basic form of discrimination, and it is in them that we need to build in response to an infinite number of subtle signals from the environment.

Some of the allegations of human visibility, the latter seems to violate our intuitions to see. In many of these cases, we can trace the inequality in the way we describe what we see. In general, we are better able to resolve the detail of the object, if you look directly at it. However, the stimulus should be about ten times stronger to reach the threshold for the center view, it reaches the threshold for peripheral vision.

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