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If you’ve ever been out hiking on a trail, you’ve probably seen people using walking sticks. Walking sticks (also known as hiking sticks or poles) are long poles or sticks that help the tourist to keep balance and many other responsibilities while on the great outdoors. Some people may wonder if a walking stick can help them climb mountains or hiking trails, and the answer is absolutely, yes!

Walking sticks are very often used by tourists in European areas with highlands, for example, in the Alps. A stick or pole can help you balance when walking in areas that may be slippery or difficult to get footing on, such as the shale, mud, or sand. You can cling into the material with a walking stick, and then use it almost like a third leg, so that you do not slip. You can also use a walking stick to help you take care of your knees and back, because you can either take a break or use it as a lever to help you get up during your hike. Among other ways to use a walking stick, you can use it as a place to blanket for a makeshift tent or even as a way to push aside tall grass or a brush so that you can more easily get through these areas.


A good height for a walking stick is between 4 feet to 5.5 feet, depending on the height and how you plan to use your stick. Walking sticks can be made from any wood (some people even use broom handles), but an important need for a good walking stick is a handle or strap. Hiking poles are usually made of metal and may have a spike or cleat at the end. No matter what type of walking stick you choose for your travel needs, you can definitely benefit from the use of a stick.

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