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It would be nice if choosing a wand was as easy as visiting a Hogwarts-style wand shop. Wand is a very personal element that should mesh well with the user. You will have to think and search a lot to decide what is right for you. Although it is temporarily good for some old stuff, if it is important for you to keep a wand, then there are decisions you need to make about it.


In general, wands are considered only made of wood. Yes, from time to time an image of a plastic or metal wand appears with a small star on the end, but when we think of serious witchcraft, an old man comes to mind. There is no reason why a wand must be made of wood; Of course, the tree has its advantages. I am very attached to trees and plants in everything, so my prejudice may allow me to tell you to stop right here. But there are many other useful things.

Glass Wand:

There are several individual glass manufacturers that can make wands for you. Check out Etsy or eBay for them. They are available in any color and design.

Metal Wand:

Have you ever thought of a gold, silver or copper wand? How about a steel wand to make sure your magic is strong? Like glass, metal can form anywhere.


Plastic Wand:

Plastic can be made from sources such as corn and soy, not just petroleum. There are also plastic products made from things like corn starch or potato starch. In addition, recycled plastic products are growing. Plastic is the preferred material for this modern era. If you feel a special connection with modernity, do not neglect plastic. The best thing about this is that plastic is available in colors and is cheap. You can also be creative and change the plastic tool that you use in events that are important to you.

Wood Wand:

This material is very good for making wands. The branches are very suitable for this purpose, because they are already round, they only need to be cleaned and preserving in order to be used. For example, if you are drawn by a newly cut branch, you can take this branch home, remove the bark off from it and cut it to the desired length. If something happens to a wand, you can go and search for something else that will make it an easy-to-replaceable and fun way to connect with nature and the spirit.

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