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The subject of wealth is deep and deceptive with delusions. The ability to answer this question is the key to determining not only our financial security but also our happiness as people. Numerous misconceptions about wealth always and sooner or later led to the destruction of wealth throughout history. The biggest misconception is that we measure wealth, create wealth and, ultimately, support wealth through external indicators, above all, instead of measuring it from the inside.

Market analysts determine the importance of wealth in terms of indicators and trends in asset classes. The profitability of a business and the number of enterprises, houses, cars owned by a person is considered as a measure of wealth.

The importance of wealth has led to the desire of many people over the years. Many people, if not all, want wealth. They want to obey society; they want to control property and money. Many want to control human and natural resources. Some want to break the world record for wealth. The pursuit of wealth, which is not supported by determination and faith, prompted people to commit atrocities and evil of any kind to make wealth.

Some people engage in prostitution, robbery, theft, bribery and corruption, blackmail, illegal activities, Internet fraud, rituals, and all sorts of doubts just to get rich or make wealth. Bad practices in our modern world can be associated with the desire of a person to make wealth to live comfortably; a life of happiness and pleasure, where everything that he wants is at the best and core.

Ultimately, wealth is what we value and enjoy most in this life. The main change in the paradigm concerns us, as more and more people begin to see the truth in this statement. This great change in how we see ourselves and value ourselves should promptly change our definition of external wealth. It can not be otherwise.

Below are the secret principles of wealth that everyone must know:


This is the number one secret of wealth. Anyone who wants to make wealth must desire sit. He/she must have a desire to make wealth. Only if and when a person wants wealth, can it be made? Strong desire and determination to make wealth is the only thing that brings good progress in a person’s life.



Anyone who wants to make wealth must have faith in wealth. You must believe that wealth can be generated. You must believe in the principles of wealth. Without faith, it is impossible to make wealth. Faith will strengthen consistency in the pursuit of wealth. Everything that someone believes in works for him/her. Doubting of wealth can lead to catastrophic poverty.

Specialized Knowledge

This is the secret of wealth. In addition to general knowledge, you need to specialize in certain areas of knowledge and skills. Your special knowledge will distinguish you from general knowledge in your field, as well as from other people in the general field. Having a general knowledge of the law, in combination with special knowledge of product marketing, a barrister will have an edge over his mates. It is necessary to acquire special and unique knowledge that is different from the general ones.


Imagination is the key secret to creating wealth. Napoleon Hill calls this the “master of the mind.” This is defined as the ability to create pictures in your mind. When a person wants wealth and begins to present it with faith, believes as a rich person, speaks and acts like a rich person, then this mentality will lead to the creation of wealth. What you can imagine, one can acquire. With imaginary power of reason, wealth is inevitable.


Anyone who wants wealth quickly makes decisions but slow in changing them. Real decisions, when taken, may run into obstacles in life, but a person who wants wealth can overcome these obstacles by persisting in his decision: those who slowly make tangible decisions are failure in life. The ability to say no when necessary, and yes, at the same time makes this decision. Do not delay making decisions that can change your life, because your life is in your hands.


Persistence is the key secret in wealth. Wealth does not come upon quitters. The failures of both our generation and our life are going away. Everything that a person does that is useful must be done with complete thoroughness. Never give up when confronted with difficulties and trials. In these trials and challenges, real opportunities and victory are hidden. Wealthy men persist in their decision and their life endeavors; without perseverance, wealth cannot be obtained.

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