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Weddings are a universal life cycle of events where rituals and ceremonies with an display of interest groups, whether visible or vague in economics, organizational balance, strength, and social forms. Wedding allow couples and families to create a new status in society; This is especially true for the bride, because she is a mature woman, belonging to the family of her husband and is responsible for the perpetuation of his lineage (and now her). In marriage, the groom has also acquired a new status respectful adult member of society. A major role of food in this ritual is to demonstrate the wealth and social status.


Weddings can also be a way for a family to display their social and financial status, as well as a way for the couple to express their personalities, characters, values and morals. There is no minimum that a couple must spend – the basic vows and agreements are free – but some couples have spent millions of dollars.

The prime function of wedding ceremony is to give the bride and groom the opportunity to make a promise to each other. Those promises are the basis of their marriage and give official right to pronounce them husband and wife. The whole ceremony is to emphasize and clarify the promises of friends and family who visit and attend the wedding.

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