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The white tiger is not an endangered species. White tigers are rare occurring atypical of nature. Their color is not natural. Nature has provided a normal tiger fur, which allowed him to hide, mix with ease in its natural environment. White tigers are extremely rare. Wild white tiger is much more likely to die of hunger or be shot by a poacher.

The white tiger is not an albino. It is a leucistic animals which usually has blue eyes, not pink. As animals are an extremely attractive beast. It remains a whim of nature. Most newspaper articles will refer to them as “White Siberian Tiger.” but they are not. All white tigers are essentially the Bengal Tigers.


In captivity, the population of white tigers today intentionally produced by man. Breeding is controlled. Brother sister, son, mother, father and daughter. Do not think that for the welfare of animals in general, but simply to produce more white-colored animals. Such inbreeding produced a number of deformed and slightly smaller. White tigers, which are popular. People love to see them, but pretty much aware of the inhumane activities.

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