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The wind is produced by regions of different temperatures and/or pressures in our atmosphere. On Earth, almost all the wind is created by the incoming radiation from the sun; this happens when the sun heats a landmass, and the Earth’s heat is absorbed by the surrounding air. When the air reaches a certain temperature (around the middle of the morning), it generally begins to rise rapidly upwards.

This quickly results in an area of ​​low pressure at ground level and an area of ​​higher pressure above ground. The wind is then created. Air naturally passes from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas, trying to equalize the air pressure. This movement of air creates, you guessed it: the wind.

Regions of Earth closer to the sun, such as the equator, are warming faster than regions further afield, such as North America. As the air moves over the warm areas and rises, the cooler air from the surrounding areas rushes to fill the space left by the rising air, and the wind is created again—the pattern of normal air circulation around the world.

Due to altitude, topography, surface roughness, and location, some areas are windier than others. For example, areas near large bodies of water, lakes, or oceans, in particular, have good winds and therefore have the potential to generate wind.


Create Electricity From Wind Energy

The air surrounding Earth is made up of many gases, and the wind essentially displaces molecules of air. If you slow down these molecules, as in the case of the wind hitting the blades of a wind turbine, they must “release” their kinetic energy. In this way, wind turbines capture kinetic energy and convert it in turn into electricity.

Wind turbines do this with three basic parts: blades, a shaft, and a generator. When the wind moves on the turbine blades, it creates high-pressure air under the turbine blades and low-pressure air above them, causing “lift,” just like an airplane. The elevation turns the blades because each blade is slightly tilted.

The blades then rotate a shaft, which moves the magnets in the generator. This movement of magnets creates electricity. This electricity can be used on the spot by a house, a business, a farm and can be stored in batteries.

How To Calculate The Amount of Electricity Produced By Wind Energy

It is clear so far that the kinetic energy of the wind is transformed into electricity by means of a wind turbine and an electric generator. The more kinetic energy (wind speed), the more electricity is produced.

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