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In nature, wings have evolved in insects, pterosaurs, dinosaurs (birds) and mammals (bats) as a means of locomotion. Various species of penguins and other flightless water birds, such as auks, cormorants, guillemots, shear-waters, eider and scoter ducks, as well as diving petrels are enthusiastic swimmers use their wings to move around the water.

Why Don’t Humans Have Wings?

Because we do not need them?


Evolution does not consist in finding a “great” final state, but in eliminating things that do not solve the problem. Human bodies solve the problem of being born, growing up, staying safe, survival, reproduction and caring for our young.

For all human development (and much longer – for all mammals except bats) there was never the truth that we needed wings to survive at the population level. Of course, some people may have been in situations where they were dying want of wings, but people lived on.

We have no wings, but we have a big brain. The Slugs have neither wings nor large brains. We have only 2 eyes, some animals have much more. But all of them are reasonable answers to the problems noted above.

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