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Different people interpret high-security fences in different ways, but this is usually a combination of security panels for fencing wire with barbed wire, razor wire or other higher security fences. A high-security fence is usually at least 8 feet and three strands of barbed wire above it. Other forms of obstacles high safety features include anti-climb mesh, welded wire, metal mesh, electrification, wall studs and spikes steel picket fences. When one considers installing this type of fence, it is always advisable that they include a professional fencing installation that will offer further recommendations depending on the premises to fence off.

The main users of high-security fencing are correctional institutions using a combination of each of the materials. On the other hand, you will find federal government agencies and military bases that use these types of fencing parameters with anti-ram systems. Other features that use this type of fencing are airports, power stations, fuel depots and the chemical industry. Sometimes you will find local courthouses using the fences.


A typical owner will only need a 6-meter high privacy fence wire, which provides house a high level of security. Ideally, they only try to stop the intrusion. The gated community will provide barriers to traffic, but the minimum will deter pedestrian intrusion. Another common type of high-security fence is the link of the chain, and it goes higher than 6 feet or lower, however, even when used together with barbed wire fence securing is not entirely sure.

When it comes to high-security fencing, the most important is the combination of materials, and this can be counter-terrorism, have additional surveillance products, anti-ram, integrated with each other to ensure maximum security. All of the above-motioned products must be combined with the access control system, as well as with the enhanced security environment defined for each project. Today, a high-security fence is in high demand more than ever before, and every institution and or public buildings should protect itself from intruders.

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