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Work, often known as labor, is a planned activity that people engage in to support themselves, others, or the needs and desires of a larger community. On the other hand, work may be defined as a human activity that contributes to the creation of goods and services in an economy (together with other elements of production).

Work is essential to all cultures, but it varies greatly within and across them, from gathering natural resources by hand to running complicated technology that eliminates the need for many people to exert physical or mental effort. The most straightforward jobs need specialized knowledge, equipment, tools, and additional resources (such as material for manufacturing goods). Throughout history, cultures and individuals have expressed a broad range of views regarding employment. Humanity has established several organizations for locating labor in society outside of any given activity or sector.

Aside from objective variations, one culture may structure or assign a different social rank to labor roles than another. Work has always been intertwined with other aspects of society and politics, such as power, class, tradition, rights, and privileges, throughout history. As a result, the division of labor is a major topic in the social sciences, both as an abstract term and as a cultural trait.

Work may take many different forms, depending on the worker’s surroundings, equipment, expertise, objectives, and institutions.


Because continuous effort is an essential component of many human activities, determining what counts as labor is frequently a question of context. One aspect that differentiates labor from other pursuits is specialization. A sport, for example, is a job for a professional athlete who makes a living from it, but a passion for someone who participates for leisure in their community. A paramedic providing medical assistance while on-duty and fully prepared, rather than delivering first aid off-duty as a witness to an incident, is an example of forward planning or anticipation. Self-care and fundamental routines such as personal grooming aren’t usually considered work.

While a subsequent gift, trade, or payment may validate an effective action retrospectively, this might exclude employment such as volunteering or family responsibilities such as parenting or housework. In certain circumstances, a community’s ability to distinguish between labor and other pursuits is just a subject of common sense. However, an alternate viewpoint is that classifying any activity as labor is somewhat subjective, as Mark Twain described in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’s “whitewashed fence” scene.

These groups are further classified into industries that create a targeted subset of products or services in complex economies with high specialization. Additional sectors, such as a “knowledge-based” quaternary sector, have been proposed by certain economists. However, this segmentation is not standardized nor commonly recognized.

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