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Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with a yogurt culture. It provides proteins and calcium and can improve the healthy gut bacteria. Health benefits range from protection against osteoporosis to alleviating irritation of the intestines and promoting digestion, but they depend on the type of yogurt consumed.

Added sugar and processing can make some yogurt products unhealthy.

Yogurt starts as fresh milk or cream. It is often first pasteurized, then fermented with various live bacterial cultures and incubated at a certain temperature to stimulate the growth of bacteria.

Culture ferments lactose, the natural sugar in milk. It produces lactic acid, which gives yogurt a distinctive flavor.

Yogurt Facts

  • Yogurt is prepared by fermenting milk with a yogurt culture.
  • Health benefits may include bone health and digestion.
  • Some yogurts contain active, live bacteria, known as probiotics, which can help maintain intestinal health.
  • Yogurt products thatgo through heat treatment have no active bacteria that reduce health benefits. Yogurt-covered raisins is an example.
  • Yogurt contains calcium, vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, potassium and magnesium. The amount depends on the type.

When is Yogurt Bad For You?

Not all yogurts are healthy. Those that do not have added sugar or unnecessary additives can be a healthy addition to the diet, but some foods contain high amounts of added sugar and other ingredients that may not be beneficial.


Natural yogurt can be a low-calorie, high-nutrient food, packed with protein.

Yogurt Flavored Products

Packaged foods, such as cereals and bars, which are said to be “made from real yogurt”, yogurt-coated raisins, and other products with Yogurt coating, contain only a small amount of yogurt powder.

Yogurt powder is subjected to heat treatment, and heat kills beneficial bacteria. Yogurt coatings are made from sugar, butter, whey and yogurt powder.


Some yogurts have added probiotics to them.

Probiotics are a type of healthy bacteria that are good for the intestines. They help regulate the digestive system and reduce gas, diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Some studies have shown that probiotics can stimulate the immune system, help with weight management and reduce the risk of cancer.

Consuming yogurt and other probiotic products can improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. In most cases, the fresher the product, the more live bacteria it will contain.

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