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9 (nine) is a number, a numeral and a glyph representing the number. This is a natural number, that follows 8 and precedes 10. It is an integer and a cardinal number, that is, the number that is used for counting. In addition, it is classified as a real number, which distinguishes it from imaginary numbers. Nine is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system. A group of nine is called a ennead.

According to Georges Ifrah, the origin of the 9 numbers can be traced back to ancient Indian civilization. These numbers are adopted by the following civilizations with respect to 0.


At first glance, various Indians wrote 9, similar to the modern question mark, to close without a low point. The Kshtrapa, Andhra, and Gupta began to distort the lower vertical line, which included 3 types. The Nagari continued the bottom to make a circle, and attach a 3-like, just like the @ symbol surrounds the lower case a.

Over time, the enclosing circle became larger, and its line continued outside the circle, as the three looked smaller. Soon all that remained of the 3 look-alike became smaller.

Nine is a composite number, the divisors of which are 1 and 3. These are 3 times 3 and, therefore, the third number of a square. 9 is the Motzkin number. This is the first combined lucky number.

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