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Through their marriage vows, more than 200,000 couples pledge to one another for the rest of their lives. You could even know someone who just got married yourself! Following a wedding, the honeymoon is a time of excitement, new adventures, and laughing as you both rediscover your love for one another. In fact, on the anniversary of the big day, these same feelings are rekindled as loving couples throughout the world go above and beyond to show their spouse how much they mean to them.

But why do we celebrate wedding anniversaries and what are the true symbolisms behind them?

We curiously acquired the custom of commemorating your wedding anniversary from Middle-Age Germany, when husbands would give their wives silver wreaths after 25 years and golden wreaths after 50 years. Looking back on the wonderful memories made on your wedding day is the ideal approach to strengthen your relationship as a couple. These days, we prefer to view anniversaries as a celebration of love and commitment.


There is no right or wrong way to commemorate a wedding anniversary; you are free to organize a spectacular celebration or hold a modest, intimate gathering. The most important thing is to spend time with your significant other and make new memories that you may both cherish for a lifetime. After all, the first anniversary of your marriage is just as significant as other anniversaries like the 40th, also known as the Ruby anniversary, and the 60th, sometimes called the Diamond anniversary.

In actuality, a partnership cannot be fully realized without a little touch of passion, and your anniversary is the ideal justification for discovering the hopeless romantic inside! You may go to the theater, dress up and eat at a brand-new restaurant, or keep things easy by sitting outside and taking in the sunset. Of course, planning is essential, and nothing is more romantic than helping your spouse with the minute things, like setting up dependable daycare.

Simply said, a wedding anniversary is one day out of the year that is dedicated to your union and creates the ideal atmosphere for love, peace, and good fortune to grow. In fact, spending time with your spouse on such a significant day not only reignites the romance and serves as a reminder of the vows you both made to one another, but it also makes it probable that you will make new memories that will deepen your bond as a pair.

When it comes to creating memories, every wedding anniversary you share with your significant other is deserving of the same amount of thought as the previous one. In fact, there is no reason why the celebrations cannot continue throughout the whole year as anniversary presents should always be centered on quality time spent with your partner rather of blowing your budget on extravagant vacations.

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