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Angel tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men and women. Angel tattoos are attractive because they represent peace, beauty, good feeling of morality and spirituality.

Angel tattoo on a woman indicates that she is looking into the soul to find its purest sense of self-esteem. This divine and often patients and their presence is a gift.

For some, an angel tattoo can be a symbol of many things. Men who have angel tattoos are often very fond of women. They often choose a sexy angel to present their masculinity. These people choose angel tattoos to announce that they have a woman who is an angel in my life. It is a popular choice for people who strongly about a particular woman, but not always.

All About Angels

A god’s created spiritual being is known as angel. The word angel comes from the Greek word meaning “Messenger” or “one who is sent.” Angels are known to be god’s soldiers and messengers throughout history. They delivered His word and His punishment is carried out on humanity.


Angels also serve as guardians of individuals and nations. Angels are mentioned in three major religions which are Islam, Christianity and Judaism throughout their holy texts. Angels are regarded as the link between heaven and earth, and is believed to be a gift from God for our safety, security and management.

In many ways, the angels are depicted as winged creatures hovering above the ground to protect from evil elements against humanity. Guardian angels are believed to be defenders of humanity in times of crisis. These guardian angels often reveal holding or watching the children.

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