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Anime females are a phenomenon in themselves – they represent the ideal woman and therefore tend to be more attractive than girls in real life. They offer the best of both worlds: beautiful looks and engaging personalities. Who would not find attractive the silhouette of a curved hourglass of an anime girl, and a refined female personality?

Why would you find them hot and cute?

In a perfect world, all the girls would be hot and cute with endearing personalities, and men of all ages wouldn’t worry about having a shortage of beautiful girls or 10 perfect girls. Unfortunately, that is not the case – in the dating world, there are the so-called “alpha males” and “bad boys” who go out with the most beautiful of females, leaving the girls less than ideal for beta and omega. In addition, men should be the source of the relationship. Unfortunately, there are guys who are out of luck when it comes to relationships, especially among the shy and those who are repeatedly rejected.

This is where anime girls come in; they are designed to be perfect. Like most types of animation, the anime was designed to immerse its audience in an alternative world. What is beautiful is subjective, so there is a wide variety of girls depending on their interests. There is a wide variety of anime girls characters.


Moe (mo-eh) is a concept found in Japanese anime, referring to a feeling of desire among the audience. A female anime character can be considered a moe because of its subjective appeal among its audience; this attractiveness would make her want – desire to spend time with her, desire to be her boyfriend, desire to marry her, or even desire to be her father. If she becomes emotional, we want to be with her to console her, tell her that everything is fine, we are there for her.

Anime girls allow us to live a fantasy like no other. Visual novels (VN) are a popular genre of play in Japan, usually starring attractive anime girls and a unique male protagonist aiming to win one of the girl’s hearts. These girls are not judgmental; they don’t care what you look like or how you act, even if you’re extremely shy. A girl does not care if you are an alpha or beta male, or even an omega male.

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