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An army, ground forces, or land forces are combat or fighting forces that fight primarily on land. In a broad sense, it is a ground military branch, service, or armed service of a nation or state. This may also include aviation assets that own the aviation component of the army. Within the national armed forces, the word army can also mean a field army.

In some countries, such as France and China, the term “army”, especially in its plural form “armies”, has a broader meaning for the armed forces as a whole, while maintaining the colloquial meaning of the ground forces. In order to distinguish the Army of Conversation from the official concept of military force, this term is qualified, for example, in France the army is called Armée de terre, which means the Army, and the Air Force is called Armée de l’Air, which means the Air Army,


The Navy, although it does not use the term “army”, is also included in the broad sense of the term “army” – thus, the French Navy is an integral part of the collective French armies (French Armed Forces) of the Ministry of the Armies. A similar pattern is observed in China, where the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) represents the entire army, and the “actual army” is the PLA ground forces, etc. for the PLA Air Force, PLA Navy and other industries.

Currently, the largest army in the world in terms of active forces is the PLA of China with 2,035,000 active military personnel and 510,000 military personnel, followed by the Indian army with 1,444,500 military personnel and 1,155,000 reserve personnel.

The convention refers to an irregular army, unlike regular armies, which gradually grow out of personal bodyguards or elite militias. Regularly in this case we are talking about standardized exercises, uniforms, organizations, etc.

Regular military personnel may also invoke standing (standing army) status against a reserve or part-time personnel. Other differences may separate legal forces (established by laws such as the National Defense Act) from de facto “non-standard” forces, such as some partisan and revolutionary armies.

Armies can also be expeditionary (intended for foreign or international deployments) or fencible (designed for – or restricted to – homeland defence).

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