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A barometer is one of the devices that are important for use in meteorology. Used to measure atmospheric pressure. Observing atmospheric pressure trends may be important for predicting changes over time. Historians have shown that barometers have been used since the 1700s. This is especially true because the researchers noted that air has weight and can be used to predict changes over time.

There are different barometers that have been invented and used over the years. However, there are some that are used more often than others. Some of these include a mercury barometer, which is commonly used. This has a tube that is made of glass and is usually closed on one side. The base also contains a mercury reservoir. As a result of its weight, a vacuum is created at the top of the tube, which leads to a regulation of the weight of the column containing mercury. When the air pressure rises, a large force is applied to the reservoir, and this leads to the mercury rises higher within the column. When pressure drops, mercury will drops to a lower level.

Although the barometer has been used for many centuries, numerous modifications have been made to its design for improvement. Changes are used to make it more sensitive, better, easier to carry around and even work. Although other liquids may be used, mercury is commonly used. The density of mercury allows the barometer to have a size that can be controlled.


The water-based barometer is made of glass with a sealed enclosure and is usually half filled with water. There is a narrow tube that connects the container body below the surface of the water and rises above the water level. The aneroid barometer, which is rarely used, is made from a flexible metal box and is called an aneroid cell. A strong spring prevents the capsules from collapsing.

The role of the barometer is to record changes in atmospheric pressure over time, which helps predict time. This is due to the fact that weather conditions change due to changes in areas with very low or high pressure. When the increase in air pressure is observed slowly, usually within one or two weeks, this is an indication that time has not only settled, but will remain unchanged for a certain period of time. Where a sudden drop in pressure occurs, this is usually a sign that a storm is approaching. A storm usually lasts for a short period of time, but usually brings with it strong winds and heavy rains.

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