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A blade is a part of a tool, weapon, or machine with a sharp point designed for chop, puncture, cutting, or scraping off surfaces or materials. Blades are usually made of materials that are heavier than the ones on which they will be used. Historically, humans have made blades from cleansing stones such as flint or obsidian and various metals such as copper, bronze, and iron. Modern knives are often made from steel or ceramic. Blades are one of the oldest tools of humankind and are still used today for fighting, cooking and other purposes.

The blades work by concentrating the force at the cutting edge. Some blades, such as those used on bread knives or saws, are serrated, further consolidating force at the tip of each tooth.

During cooking, knives are mainly used for slicing, slicing and drilling.

During combat, the blade can be used for cutting or puncture and can also be thrown or launched in another way. The function is to the severe nerve, muscle, or tendon fibres or a blood vessel to deactivate or kill an enemy. Rupture of a large blood vessel usually results in death due to bleeding.


The blades can be used for scraping by moving the edge laterally over the surface, as in ink rubber, rather than along or across the surface. For construction equipment, such as a grader, a tillage tool is also called a knife, usually with a replaceable cutting edge.

A simple cutting blade has two surfaces that meet at the edge. Ideally, this edge should not be rounded. However, virtually all edges can be seen to be somewhat rounded when magnified with an optical or electron microscope. Force is applied to the blade either by the handle or by pushing on the back of the blade. The handle or back of the blade has a larger area compared to the sharp edge. This concentration of the applied force over a small area of ​​the lip increases the pressure exerted by the lip. This high pressure allows the blade to punch through the material, breaking the bonds between molecules (crystals), etc., in the material. This requires the edge to be strong enough to withstand breakage before the rest of the material retreats.

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