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A basket is a container that is traditionally made from solid fibers and can be made from various materials, including wooden rails, runners, and cane. While most baskets are made from plant materials, other materials such as horsehair, bales, or metal wire can be used. Baskets are usually hand woven. Some baskets have a lid, while others remain open at the top. Baskets are used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Some baskets are of a ritual, that is, religious nature. Although baskets are commonly used for harvesting, storage, and transportation, specialized baskets are used as sieves for various purposes, including cooking, seed or grain processing, gambling, rattles, ventilators, fish traps, and laundry.

Before the invention of woven baskets, people used the bark to make simple containers. These containers could be used to transport collected food and other items, but they disintegrated after several uses. The next step is to braid strips of bark or other plant material to support the bark containers, followed by woven baskets. The latest innovation is baskets, woven so tightly that they can hold water.


Depending on soil conditions, baskets may or may not be preserved in archaeological records. Locations in the Middle East show that weaving techniques were used to make mats and possibly baskets as well, around 8000 BC. Weaving baskets were standard in 3000 BCE. Twined baskets date back to 7000 in Oasisamerica. Baskets made up of interwoven techniques were common at 3000 BCE.

Baskets were originally designed as versatile containers for transporting and storing materials and storing homeless household items. The presence of plants in a given region influences the choice of material, which influences the weaving technique. Rattan and other members of the Arecaceae family or palms, thin grasses in the temperate areas, and leafy tropical bromeliads require a different method of twisting and braiding to be made into a basket. Making baskets has become an art. Artistic freedom gives basket makers a wide variety of colors, materials, sizes, patterns and details.

Wearing a basket on the head, especially among rural women, has been practised for a long time. The idea of this in ancient Greek art was called Canephorae. The phrase “to hell in a handbasket” means a rapid deterioration. The origin of this use is unclear. “Basket” is sometimes used as an adjective for a person born out of wedlock. This is more common in British English. “Basket” also refers to a bulge in the male crotch.

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