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Bee just might be described as an insect that produces honey. Bee was brought to North America by early European settlers. The bees, of course, not an aggressive insects. They will rarely sting unless they protect their hive from intruders. These insects are a symbol of the many organized society, where each caste bee has a special role in the course of its life. During the winter season it remains inactive because the bees need to get together, to feel the heat. Studies have shown that clustering allows the bees to maintain the temperature inside the hive in a ninety-three degrees Fahrenheit.

Social Structure of Honey

Bees are composed of three social groups. Firstly, the Queen Mother. There is always a woman in the hive, and it can live for three to five years. Her task was to reproduce and fill the hive. She can lay up to two thousand eggs a day after mating with drones (male bees) only once.

Without Bee hive mother has no future. Bee worker makes the following social group. During the summer season, about eighty thousand workers are busy to collect pollen and nectar from plants. In winter, about twenty to thirty thousand worker bees live inside the hive which remain inactive. Thus, they can live for four to nine months. If a worker bee stings a person or any other living creature ever, bee life was coming to an end.

The Final Product is Honey

Worker bees are fully responsible for maintaining the beehive. They produce a variety of end products, which are very useful for humans and other bees. One is the pollen, which refers to the male germ cells, produced flowers and flowering trees for the purpose of fertilization. A bee collecting pollen from fields and eat it. Pollen is very nutritious. It contains 35% protein, 10% sugar, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, B, R and H, minerals, carbohydrates, and enzymes. Because they eat pollen, bee workers are able to produce honey, beeswax, royal jelly, bee venom and propolis. All of them are safe for human consumption.

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