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Berries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They are tasty, nutritious and provide a number of impressive health benefits. They are sweet or sour in taste and are often used in preservatives, jams and desserts.

Berries have a good nutritional profile. They are usually rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols. As a result, incorporating berries into your diet can help prevent and reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases. Read the health benefits of berries below:

Berries Help Control Diabetes

The berries are sweet, but not the ones that should be sent to people with diabetes running. Because berries come with fiber, they can use it in a diabetic diet as a serving of fruit. In general, it is better to eat whole fruits than drink juice, which contains much more sugar and does not contain fiber. Although the health benefits of berries are still count when they are included in other products, nutrition boost is better when choosing fresh blueberries instead of blueberry pie or muffins.

High in Fiber

Berries are a good source of fiber, including soluble fiber. Studies have shown that consumption of soluble fiber slows down the movement of food along the digestive tract, which leads to a decrease in hunger and an increase in satiety.

This can reduce calorie intake and facilitate weight management.


Berry can Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

People who eat at least two servings of berries a week are 25 percent less likely to get Parkinson’s disease than their peers, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. The same study showed that men with the highest consumption of flavonoids, which are abundant in berries, reduced their risk by 40 percent. In addition to eating them, you can also get your berry servings by adding them fresh or frozen to other high-nutrition foods like yogurt, oatmeal, and salads.

Tasty Healthy Recipes

The berries are undoubtedly delicious. They make an excellent breakfast or dessert, whether you use one type or a mixture of two or more.

Although they are naturally sweet and do not require additional sweetening, adding a little heavy or whipped cream can make them a more elegant dessert.

For breakfast, try berries decorated with plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, as well as chopped nuts.

Berries for Weight Control

Because of their fiber and liquid content, berries give us a feeling of fullness, and a feeling sated is an important part of managing your diet program. Let kitchen creativity lead you to experiment with berries in nutritious recipes such as fresh fruit sauces and salad dressings, combine them with almonds for a quick snack, or eat them without food. Emulsify them and make them part of a fruit vinaigrette instead of using a lot of oil.

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