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Non-alcoholic drinks often mean drinks that usually contain alcohol, such as beer and wine, but they contain less than 0.5 alcohol by volume. This category includes alcohol-removed beverages process such as non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wines.

A drink is a form of liquid prepared for human consumption. Preparation may include several different steps, some before transport, others just before use.

Water is the main ingredient in all drinks, and the primary ingredient in most. Water is purified before use. Purification methods include filtering and adding chemicals such as chlorination. The importance of purified water is underlined by the World Health Organization, which indicates that 94% of deaths from diarrhea, the third largest cause of death from infection in the world (1.8 million people a year), can be prevented by improving the quality of the environment, particularly safe water.


The body needs to be hydrated. In the past, we were all told to drink eight glasses of 8-ounce water a day. However, this unique suggestion is no longer so strongly encouraged, especially because many of the foods we eat are rich in the water anyway (think watermelon and other fruits and vegetables). We know we need to have the right drinks before, during and after a workout to be healthy, but there are a number of reasons to make sure that the word “diet drink” doesn’t encourage us to drink the wrong things.

A number of people drink sodas and overly sweet fruit juices. There have been an additional 6,000 deaths in the past ten years, which may be directly linked to an increase in sodas and fruit drinks. There are actually a number of very good drinks that make a good diet drink, and that doesn’t mean you have to swallow the energy drinks either. In fact, it doesn’t mean that you should swallow them at all. Look at the label on the typical energy drink: there are 16 teaspoons of sugar in addition to more caffeine than could be recommended for single consumption.

There are actually a lot of good beverages that could technically be called a “diet drink” because they can play such a good role in a healthy diet.

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