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Unfortunately, black dog syndrome is quite real. The shelter and rescues figures confirm that more black dogs are surrendered and euthanized than any other color or combination of colors, regardless of breed or temperament.

Unfortunately, the majority of people looking for a new puppy or dog will move away from a dog with a gentle disposition and a reasonable level of energy, towards a more uncertain type of dog, simply because it is black.

Most people are thought to turn away from them for the following special reasons.

There is nothing unique about them. It’s too ordinary. It’s just a black dog. What they really think is, “Who will notice” ME “if I’m walking an ordinary black dog?”

Some are superstitious and associate them with bad luck or depression.

They look mean, so they probably are! Do they really do it? It says, “The eyes are the window of the soul.” Most have the softest eyes. Do yourself a favor. Look into those eyes, before you turn your back and walk away. They tell you something you should see.

Curiously, many otherwise cogent mothers frantically grabbed her children under her arms like a frightened hen, passing in front of a wonderful dog, simply because the dog was black! Are you one of them? Stop and think about what your behavior is teaching your children. “Stay away from black dogs … they are dangerous!” This type of behavior only perpetuates the syndrome.


Black is bad. Lighter or white is good. These dogs are regularly associated with aggressiveness, anger and wickedness; through countless TV shows, books and movies. This is where Hollywood and many writers show their bias. You rarely see a black canine hero or a positive protagonist. They are usually the outlaws. Have you ever noticed that the “bad guys” regularly dress in black, ride a black horse or drive a black car, wear a black hat and own a fierce black dog?

They look old, even if they are not. Certainly, the gray muzzle stands out more than on a dog with a lighter coat. But does that mean that everyone with light hair looks younger than people with dark hair? The salt and pepper on a dog can seem as striking as on humans.

Dark hair appears more on furniture and clothing. So what! This only happens if it is light colored fabrics. Keep the dog away from the furniture, they don’t belong up there anyway. Get one of these rolls of tape and treat yourself to a quick one before you leave home! Keep one also in the car!

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