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Pyolysis is a thermochemical reaction that produces thin blue smoke. Pyrolysis is the breakdown of volatile materials (in this example hardwood) in a high-heat, low-oxygen environment.

The material does not combust due to the lack of oxygen, but the chemical components (cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin) breakdown into flammable gases and charcoal.

Achieving an equilibrium (fuel, oxygen, and heat) and deeming the burning process efficient results in thin blue smoke. The fuel in the woods carbonizes or caramelizes in this condition, resulting in thin blue smoke.

All You Need To Know About Colored Smoke

Colored smoke is a type of smoke produced by an aerosol of tiny pigment or dye particles.

Colored smoke may be used for smoke signals, which is common in the military. Smoke grenades and other pyrotechnical devices can be used to create it. A cooler-burning formula based on potassium chlorate oxidizer, lactose or dextrin as a fuel, and one or more dyes, with around 40-50 percent dye concentration, is commonly employed to produce colorful smoke. To reduce the burning temperature, around 2% sodium bicarbonate can be used as a coolant. A tiny participant used colored smoke for the first time in 1967 at an American burnout competition to impress the crowd.


Initially, aviation smoke was created by injecting a combination of 10-15 percent dye, 60-65 percent trichloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene, and 25% diesel oil into the exhaust fumes of the aircraft engines. Most teams now utilize specially produced liquid colors, as well as only gas oil, light mineral oil, or a food-grade white oil that are free of hazardous chlorinated solvents.

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